On this page we would like to introduce our most important products to you. On the corresponding pages please find catalogs and flyers for download. If you are interested in further products, please contact us.

MIG/MAG Welding torches
TBi Expert Mini
TBi Expert
TBi Expert Plus
TBi X-Power Series (gas cooled)
TBi Top 2000 series (gas cooled)
TBi Top 2000 Series (water cooled)
TBi Classic (gas cooled)
TBi Classic (water cooled)
TBi MOG welding torches (innershield)
Fume Extraction Torches (gas cooled)
Fume Extraction Torches (water cooled)
Machine Torches (gas cooled)
Machine Torches (water cooled)
MIG/MAG Push-Pull Systems
TBi PP-TX Push-Pull torches
TIG Welding torches
Handheld Welding Torches (gas cooled)
Handheld Welding Torches (water cooled)
Machine Torches (gas cooled)
Machine Torches (water cooled)
TIG Cold Wire Feeders
Robot Torch Systems
TBi RoboMIG RM2 Robot Torch System
MIG/MAG Tandem (Twin-Wire) Welding Torches
TIG Robot Torch System TBi RoboTIG
Plasma Robot welding torches
Torch Cleaning Stations
Plasma Welding torches
Manual plasma welding torch
Welding torches for automation
High-End Welding Torches
Carbon Welding Torches
Custom-designed Welding Torches
MIG/MAG Spare Parts
TIG Spare Parts
Plasma parts (Cutting torches)
Welding Accessories
Welding Helmets
Water cooling units